CIA Top-Secret File: Sydney Bristow

Sydney Anne Bristow

Birth date: April 17, 1975.

Size: 5 ft 10.

CIA ID: USS-CI-2300844.
SD-6 ID: 30498-12696.

Aliases: Kate Jones (SD-6), Julia Thorne (Covenant).

Code names: Blue Bird, Freelancer, Mountainer.

Presumed death date: May 2003.

She grew up without a mother (Laura Bristow died in a car accident in 1981, which was actually the way to exfiltrate Irina Derevko, see her file) and with an absent father, whom she believed worked in aeronautics (Jennings Aerospace, an Alliance cover where Jack Bristow was undercover for the CIA).

Her father puts her through Project Christmas after his wife betrayed him, in an attempt to protect her.

Approached by the SD-6, a cell of the Alliance of Twelve, while she was studying at UCLA, Bristow joins what she believed was a secret division of the CIA.  She carries out numerous missions for Arvin Sloane with various partners, including Noah Hicks and Marcus Dixon, while pretending to be paying for college by working for a bank (Credit Dauphine, a cover for SD-6), a lie she keeps up with her friends (Will Tippin, Francie Calfo) and her fiancé (Daniel "Danny" Hecht).

When she tells her fiancé the truth, SD-6 has him killed. That is how she finds out it is actually a terrorist organization, “the enemy she thought she was fighting.” She then joins the CIA as a double agent, and finds out that her father was also infiltrated in the Alliance of Twelve.

After SD-6 was destroyed and she graduated from school, she chose to stay with the CIA. At that point, Irina Derevko was a prisoner at the Los Angeles division, which may have played a part in her decision, since mother and daughter were getting closer. Then Derevko escaped, betraying Sydney's trust.

When she finds out that her flat mate Francie was replaced by a double, Allison Doren (a Halcyon kid), she fights her, shoots her dead and is injured. The Covenant abducts her and puts her apartment on fire to fake her death, then they try to condition her and make her believe she is a hit woman called Julia Thorne.

Presumed death by the CIA for several months, she gains her employers’ trust and is able to get in touch with Kendall, the head of the LA division who also works for Project Blackhole. He asks her to keep her cover with the Covenant, which she eventually agrees to when she realizes that her former life is no more.

Among others, she works with Simon Walker, a British thief. Hired to kill a Russian diplomat, Andrean Lazarey, she fakes his death and then teams up with him for secret missions aiming to find Rambaldi artifacts.

Updated information: March 2004 SPOILERS Episode 1.09

In March 2004, the Covenant assigns a partner to her, probably to keep a closer eye on her: Elisha Clode, recently escaped from the CIA.

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