CIA Top-Secret File: Programme Halcyon

An equivalent of Project Christmas, developed by the Russians thanks to the information Irina Derevko stole to Jack Bristow while she was undercover in the United States. See their files.

Children training program.  Unlike the plans for Project Christmas, which never came into existence but was supposed to condition children in a basic way in a few weeks, Programme Halcyon put children through a long-term training during which they were isolated from the rest of the world.

Location: near Minsk, Belarus.

Created: date unknown, probably in the 1985’s.
When Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in the USSR, military budget cuts related to the “new détente” officially put a stop to Halcyon, but there is information that shows the program continued covertly, financed by various terrorist organizations.
Complete stop: 2002.

Disciplines taught: weaponry, explosive devices, combat techniques, torture, manipulation, lying, infiltration techniques.

Known instructors: Alexander Khasinau (until the end of the program; deceased), Irina Derevko (until 2000), Ksenia Petrovitch (until she faked her death).


Known students: Elisha Clode (captured), Julian Sark, Allison Georgia Doren (deceased).


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