Prologue: Halcyon 101

CIA – Top-secret file: Elisha Clode

A mercenary who appeared on the field at the same time as Julian Sark. No trace of her before.

Birth date: 1982 (exact date unknown).

Size: 5 ft 6.

Weight: 123 lbs.

Physical description: light walnut hair, brown eyes.

Accused of: Terrorism, Murder, Burglary, Armed robbery, Espionage.

Date of arrest: may 2003 in Stockholm.

Known employers: Alexander Khasinau, Irina Derevko, Arvin Sloane.

Other: raised in St Thomas orphanage in Cleggan (Ireland) before she joined Programme Halcyon at age eight.

CIA – Top-secret file: Programme Halcyon

The Russian equivalent to Project Christmas.

Location: underground base near Minsk, Belarus.

Starting date: probably around 1985.

End date: officially 1988 (end of government funding), in reality 2002.

Known instructors: Alexander Khasinau, Irina Derevko, Ksenia Petrovitch.

Known students: Julian Sark, Allison Georgia Doren, Elisha Clode.

Headcount: probably around 60 students and a dozen of instructors, most of whom have never been identified and might still be operating today.


Previously on Alias:
Author’s note: I’m adding some changes compared to the Alias plot, in bold.

In the 1970s, the KGB sends Irina Derevko undercover in the United States, as Laura. She fulfills her mission – seduce and marry Jack Bristow, a CIA agent. They have a daughter, Sydney, in 1975.

Jack is in charge of developing Project Christmas, a training and conditioning program aimed at children. The idea is to identify gifted children and prepare them to work in intelligence services.

On a 1981 night, Jack and Laura are driving back from the movie theater, followed by an FBI agent who suspected she was KGB. There is an accident: the car left the road and ended up in the river. Laura/Irina’s body was never found.

The CIA figures out that she was working for the Russians, and for a while, suspects Jack was working with her. But only twenty years later will he and Sydney find out that Irina survived: the accident was staged in order to exfiltrate her.

Once she gets back to Russia and under Alexander Khasinau’s orders, Irina develops Programme Halcyon, inspired by Project Christmas but more extreme. The children, all Westerners in order for them to fit in more easily amongst the enemy, are kept in a secret base in Minsk, Belarus, for several years of intensive training.

The Programme officially comes to an end with Gorbachev’s “new détente” and cuts on the military budget, but in fact continues, financed by private investors. The last children graduate in 2002 and become mercenaries. Clode, Sark and Doren work for Irina, who is at the time operating under the alias The Man.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Sydney Bristow grew up with an absent father who officially worked in aeronautics. Aching at his wife’s betrayal, Jack decided to put his daughter through Project Christmas to make sure she will not be easily conditioned or manipulated.

Unaware of all this, Sydney studies to become a teacher like Laura, and is recruited by SD-6, led by Arvin Sloane, who presents it as a secret division of the CIA. Seven years later, she gets engaged to her boyfriend Danny and tells him the truth about the job, which is strictly forbidden. She then finds him dead, stabbed, in her bathtub.

That is how she finds out that SD-­­6 is not part of the CIA. Sloane is actually a member of the Alliance of Twelve, an international coalition of former intelligence service members which aims to make a profit in all kinds of areas, most of them illegal.

So Sydney becomes a double agent for the CIA, infiltrated in SD-6. She finds out that it is also the road her father took many years earlier. A year and a half later, when SD-6 is destroyed, she keeps on working for the CIA.

At the time, Irina Derevko is detained by the CIA, but she eventually breaks out and it turns out that her getting caught was part of the plan all along. Shortly after, Irina betrays Sark and Clode to help Sydney catch Arvin Sloane, who abducted and is detaining Jack. Sark makes a run for it, but Clode is captured by the CIA. She quickly gives away Sloane’s location.

Sydney’s best friend, Will Tippin, who has always had a crush on her, used to be a journalist. When Danny is killed, officially by prowlers that the police is unable to catch, Will decides to investigate. It makes him dangerous for SD-6 and useful for Khasinau, who has him abducted and tortured by Sark and Clode in order to know what he found out. Sydney and Jack rescue him, but he has to compromise his credibility as a journalist so that the SD-6 stops seeing him as a threat, and doesn’t have him killed.

Sloane, working with Derevko, has Sydney’s roommate, Francie Calfo, replaced by a perfect double created through Project Helix: Allison Doren. She becomes romantically involved with Will, who has been hired as a CIA analyst. When there begins to be suspicions of an infiltrated agent, Allison frames Will as the double, but Sydney proves his innocence.

When Will later figures out that Fran/Allison is the double, she stabs him and leaves him for dead. But he had time to leave a message explaining everything on Sydney’s cell phone. She listens to it sitting next to Fran/Allison, who understands that she knows. They fight, Sydney shoots Allison dead with three bullets, then passes out.

Sydney’s house burns down and a charred body is found with her DNA. Yet Jack doesn’t buy into his daughter’s death, and he keeps on looking for her, as do Weiss, Dixon and Marshall. Vaughn, Sydney’s boyfriend and CIA partner, driven to despair by her loss, has drifted away from the CIA without giving any news. Will has gotten over his wounds and is working as a CIA analyst again.

Sloane has just been granted a pardon in exchange for information and is at the head of Omnifam, a world hunger relief philanthropist organization which subsidizes medical research.

Elisha Clode is detained in the CIA building basement.

Fore more details, refer to the Top-Secret Files  (beware, they are written from Halcyon's perspective and everything is not accurate in the Alias universe).

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