Updating frequency

  • By mari6s
  • On 2013-07-15 21:15:13

Honesty compells me to say that I have not updated Halcyon regularly, and it might be worse with the English version since apart from my studying, I also have to update the French version of Programme Halcyon (25 episodes and counting).

The bright side is, this fic will not suddenly be interrupted! There are already 25 episodes written that will be translated into English at SOME point, and I am dead set on writing 15 more to end Season 2 and Halcyon in a satisfying way.

So if you're patient and bear with me, and if your interest for my stories doesn't die out, you WILL see the end of Elisha's story ;)

Another note: I am a future translator and fluent at English, but still not a native. So please tell me about any blunder or error I made, or even just about some sentence that could be more idiomatic. It will help improve both this fanfiction and my language skills, and it will be much appreciated!

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