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This website is dedicated to my fanfic Programme Halcyon, which is also available on Here, it is presented with pictures, character descriptions, and also a forum and a guestbook for more interactivity with my readers.

Halcyon is kind of an Alias spinoff: a parallel universe. It starts at the end of season 2, before the 3-year flashforward, and it introduces an original character that doesn’t exist in the series: Elisha Clode.

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Author’s Note:

First, I’d like to point out that the basic idea of this fic comes from a fanfic written by Ossian: Thicker Than Water, available on I started writing the French version of Programme Halcyon years ago, and I’m finally getting around to translating it into English. The French version already has over 25 episodes, but it will take some time before the translation catches up since I'm still updating it in French (there will be a total of 40 episodes). The beginning of my fic is a lot like Thicker Than Water’s, even though it has been entirely rewritten with my own words, first in French and then translated into English. Pretty quick, differences appear. Let’s say the structure of the story and dialogue mostly comes from Ossian’s fic in the first 2 or 3 first episodes.

Another thing: in this fic, I'm venturing on creating an OC (original character) who never existed in Alias. I think I’ve avoided most of the usual pitfalls, but I'll let you be the judge of that. Please share any comments about how “credible” that OC's psychology is... The fic's Prologue explains who the OC is and how it is integrated into the series, so it should not throw anyone off.

The fanfiction starts between seasons 2 and 3. The timing is specified in the Prologue, along with a summary of where the main characters are at.


The Alias universe does not belong to me, what a shock right? But well, they don’t want their characters anymore, so why wouldn’t I borrow them for a while? ;p

The pictures online on this website do not belong to me either – but I created the background image. I took them off the Internet and even though no copyright was specified on the websites I copied them from, they in turn might not have had the right to use them. If you own one of these photographs, please tell me and I’ll take it off or specify who it belongs to.

I do not get any financial profit out of this fanfiction, these images, or this website.


Obviously there are some about seasons 1 and 2. Pretty quick, there are details we only find out about in season 3. But nothing about season 4 and 5, even though there might be references to them.


Mostly K+, sometimes slightly T (language, mentions of physical and psychological violence, notably on children, but nothing too specific).

To help you understand:

Place and date are in underlined bold characters. There is an indent for each point of view change, and memories are in italic. If your memories of the TV series are a bit vague, you can refer to the Top-Secret Files for more information about the Alias and Halcyon universes.

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